19 December 2011

Organized jointly with the International Atomic Energy Agency, ICANS-International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources is a series of meetings that started back in 1977 promoted by researchers of the most important labs of the world (at the time,  Argonne National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and KEK, Japan’s National Lab for High Energy Physics).

Along these 33 years, 19 ICANS meetings have been held at large laboratories of USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and China.  The most knowledgeable world experts participated in these forums – initially by invitation.  They discussed and proposed the major technical and scientific innovations nowadays incorporated in the most advanced neutron sources.

The primary goal of ICANS is the development of neutron sources, targets, moderators and instruments to use and implement neutron dispersion techniques.  International collaboration seeks to obtain a synergic complementation of these different aspects, in order to improve the efficient use of human and financial resources.

During the last ICANS-XIX meeting, held at Grindelwald, Switzerland, in March 2010, the International Advisory Committee proposed the Centro Atómico Bariloche in Argentina to host the ICANS-XX Meeting in March 2012. For the first time, ICANS will leave the Northern Hemisphere, thus recognizing the contributions of the CAB’S researchers to its primary goals.  CNEA’s Neutron and Reactors Group is a world leader in the description and prediction of neutronic properties of advanced moderators.

ICANS-XX will be held in March 4-9, 2012 at San Carlos de Bariloche, under the general coordination of Rolando Granada.