21 December 2014

On October 31, INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) officially adhered to the principles of conduct established in the “Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Exporters’ Principles of Conduct” drawn up by the most important providers of nuclear power plants and reactors of the world.

The Code establishes self-management regulations concerning the nuclear industry by the consolidation of a set of principles that strengthen and improve the national and international management and supervision, involving the best practices and recommendations of the industry and the advices and guidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency. 

The event is carried out in the context of the policy that INVAP has adopted over the years to work for the encouragement and promotion of the fundamental internationally accepted principles —Ethics, Technological and Physical Safety of Nuclear Materials and Facilities, Radiation Protection for people, their possessions and the environment, Export Control of Sensitive technologies, Defense and Nuclear Nonproliferation.

The organizations that follow the “Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Exporters’ Principles of Conduct” are committed to make every effort in good faith to adopt the best recommended practices in compliance with the principles mentioned above, taking into account that the responsible use of nuclear technologies is of vital importance to be able to satisfy the global energy demand and tackle the climatic change in a sustainable manner. Thus, they try to complement the national and international rules and regulations and the pieces of advice provided by the most important organizations that promote the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes as a safe, reliable and efficient source of energy with the aim of improving the public confidence, maintaining high transparency standards and integrity, being ethical and socially responsible, and encouraging continuous improvement.

During several years, the Nuclear Power Plants suppliers have been formulating these principles for the community welfare by means of the results of a consensus process provided by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, with the additional support and advice of internationally recognized regulatory bodies, operators and experts. 

As INVAP is a company committed to improving people’s quality of life, it was invited to join the sixth meeting, aimed at reviewing the status of the Principles of Conduct implementation, which was held in the city of Seoul, Republic of Korea, on October 21 and 22, this year.

Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Exporters’ Principles of Conduct