14 May

The 1st International Aerospace Congress of Paraguay was held in Asunción on April 26. The Congress was organized by Itaipú Technological Park (Parque Tecnológico Itaipú, “PTI”) and sponsored by Itaipú Binacional – Paraguay. The Deputy Director of the Earth Sciences Division at the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Engineer Sandra Cauffman, was the main speaker. 

The Congress got together renowned scientists and professionals with experience on satellites and the use of drones, and was carried out in the context of the challenge posed by the technological issues related to space exploration and its use for specific purposes. There were renowned and prestigious international guests, who gave lectures and workshops.

INVAP’s Engineers Luis Genovese, in charge of Development of New Businesses at the Space Division, and Claudio Gaspar, from the Space Projects Division, gave lectures on INVAP’s experience in the satellites manufacturing field. In addition, a mockup of the ARSAT-2 telecommunications satellite was displayed at the entrance hall of the Congress. 

Emphasis was made on the project called “Feasibility study for the development and implementation of a satellite mission in Paraguay”, to be jointly carried out by PTI and INVAP, which was adjudicated after the call for bids by the Paraguayan Council of Science and Technology.

According to PTI, the main goal of the Congress was to strengthen the links and expand international cooperation for future development projects in Science and Aerospace Technology. In addition, it aimed to provide a space for scientific exchange and information to the general public, researchers and members of the academic and student community, the industrial community, as well as to the government of Paraguay and the rest of the participating countries. 

Parque Tecnológico Itaipú (PTI)