29 June 2011

Today, more than 300 researchers, scholars and scientists who work or study at Research Centers and Universities of the Province of Buenos Aires, took part in the I Young Researchers Congress organized by the Scientific Research Commission (CIC), with the purpose of debating scientific and technological policies to generate not only proposals but concrete initiatives.

With the motto “Research, State and Society”,  researchers, scientists and scholars between 20 and 45 years of age spent the whole day discussing the relationship between science and public policies; the national production system; the educational system and the workers and businessmen organizations.

Central aspects of scientific and technological policies were analyzed, with the purpose of generating concrete proposals and initiatives for the Province of Buenos Aires to advance in political, methodological and regulatory areas, so that research can increase its contribution to social and economic development.

The Congress, held at the Teatro Argentino of La Plata, had the participation, among others, of Mr. Martín Ferré, Ministry of Production of the Province of Buenos Aires; Mr. Carlos G. Gianella, Chairman of the CIC; Mr. Gustavo Lugones, Rector of the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes; Mr. Gabriel A. Baum, researcher and member of the CIC Board; Mr. Eduardo Nassif of INVAP; Mr. Gustavo Seijo, CONICET Researcher; Mr. Pedro Julián, researcher and teacher at the Universidad Nacional del Sur and Mr. Hugo Scolnick, consulting professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).


Scientific Research Commission (CIC)www.cic.gba.gov.ar

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