21 April 2017

On March 23, an agreement was signed between the National Administration of Social Innovation of the Secretary of Entrepreneurs and small and medium technological enterprises (PYMES, in Spanish), dependent on the Ministry of Production, and INVAP Foundation with the aim of creating a business accelerator of scientific and technological companies with social impact. 

The initiative intends to support entrepreneurs with ideas that make high social impacts, giving them advice on the business, management and technical aspects of their entrepreneurships. INVAP Foundation will provide technical advice through a group of experts that will work as volunteers for this project. 

This agreement is in line with two out of five active policies adopted by INVAP Foundation: Social Technology and Strengthening of the Entrepreneurial sector based on Science and Technology. It was signed by Lic. Esteban Campero, Deputy Secretary of Entrepreneurs, and Dr. Verónica Garea, the Executive Director of INVAP Foundation.