22 December 2011

The City Government of San Carlos de Bariloche, through the Secretary of Strategic Development and with INVAP’s support started up the emblematic clock installed at San Carlos de Bariloche’s Civic Center. The clock was repaired thanks to Mr. Daniel Arroyo’s – a private citizen – initiative. Mr. Arroyo said that “sometimes these things are only a matter of will, not of money”. The clock and its bells were a paradigmatic sign of this city.

Every day, at noon and at 6:00 pm, four Wood carved figures appear at the window directly under the clock. The may be seen from the square, while the bells sound. The sculptures symbolize different milestones in Bariloche’s history. One of them represents the native inhabitants of Patagonia; the second one is a priest, who arrived in the region with the mission to evangelize native people. The third one is a military officer, part of the so-called “Conquest of the Desert” and the fourth one is a farmer, representing the first settlers. The clock was brought from Switzerland in 1939 and inaugurated with the whole civic center in 1940.