17 October

On October 14-16, the VI National Meeting of Engineering Students (ENEI) and the IV Latin-American Congress of Engineering (CLI) “People, Science and Industry” took place in the campus of the Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires.

The meeting’s main goal was to enhance the links and relationships among students of different Engineering areas in all Latin America, offering a space for discussion and reflection on the following topics: development of strategic industries, sustainable use of natural resources in the development of regional energy matrixes; Engineering training and the role of engineers in society; Access, distribution and democratization of knowledge produced in State Universities.

The meeting gathered students, professionals, researchers and representatives of several important organizations. More than 30 groups from the whole country were present, as well as delegations from Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Puerto Rico, among others. More than 500 people attended the Congress, which was sponsored by more than 30 universities and institutions. Among them, INVAP was part of one of the roundtables (“Engineers for Development”) and participated in one of the five Technical-Scientifical Workshops organized, addressed to certain specific careers and engineering areas.

Eduardo Nassif, Member of the Instrumentation and Control Department of the Nuclear Projects Area of INVAP, spoke on the vision of the company on the topic “Which kind of engineers do we need?”, and also offered a lecture on the role of Engineers within the company.



Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes – Congreso Latinoamericano de Ingeniería