13 September 2011

The 2011 Symposium of Research and Production for the Defense (SINPRODE) took place between September 8-11.  The Symposium, in consideration of the Armed Forces needs, aims at creating a suitable environment to enable information exchange, possibilities of technological development and contact among participants, through the conduct of different activities.

Besides seeking to increase logistics support to the Argentine Republic’s Land, Air and Maritime Forces, it also intends to enable the transfer to society of the resulting benefits of technology, within a regional and international framework of industrial cooperation.

In the context of the SINPRODE activities, Tulio Calderón, INVAP Government and Aerospace Projects Manager, lectured on “Creation of Production Chains for the Defense Area. Recent experiences in Argentina”.

The 8th edition of SINPRODE ended on September 11, with a joint lecture of the Minister of Defense, Arturo A. Puricelli, the Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investments and Services, Julio De Vido, the Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Lino Barañao and the Minister of Industry, Débora Giorgi.