27 November 2014

On November 6 and 7, the 2014 Argentine Engineering Conference, “Science and Technology for a Growing Country” took place in the town of Tortuguitas, Province of Buenos Aires, organized by the Engineers’ Association of that province. Among the participants were the Argentine Federations of Civil Engineering, of Agronomical Engineering and of Specialized Engineering. The conference was sponsored by YPF, the Argentine National Space Activities Commission (CONAE, in Spanish), Aerolíneas Argentinas, the Argentine Valuation Court (TTN, in Spanish) and the Argentine Association of Medium-Sized Companies (CAME, in Spanish), among others.

During those two days, speakers and attendees discussed topics related to the strategic agenda for Argentine development, such as the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons and hydraulic stimulation techniques, the Argentine satellite plan, the use of renewable energies, the Aconcagua bi-oceanic corridor, the new dock at the La Plata Harbor, the master plan for the Salado River basin, the protection of the environment and the uses of applied biotechnology, among other subjects.

The event had more than 600 attendees, many of whom were students from several universities of the country, who expressed their great satisfaction with the high level of all lectures. They specially emphasized the great potential the current projects have for engineers and other professionals, being the source of value-added growth and of highly qualified jobs.

The opening ceremony was a prominent panel formed by the Chairman of the Engineers Association of the Province of Buenos Aires, Engineer Norberto Beliera, the Chief Executive of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development and Chairman of the Federal Council for the Environment, Engineer Hugo Bilbao, the Chairman of Industrial Union of the West and Chairman of the Argentine Federation of Industrial Parks, Engineer Edgardo Gámbaro, the Chairman of the Argentine Chamber of Construction of the Province of Buenos Aires, Engineer Antonio Pécora, the Chairman of the Argentine Federation of Specialized Engineering, Engineer Aníbal Roig, and the Chairwoman of the Argentine Federation of Agricultural Engineering, Engineer Mónica Romero. In turn, INVAP’s Manager of Special Projects, Engineer Guillermo Benito, participated in a presentation on “Argentine Technological Developments.”

Regarding the Conference, Engineer Norberto Beliera stated that “its main purposes are to spread the technological advances made by Argentine engineering in the public sector, the technology companies and state and private universities.” He remarked that the ARSAT-1 satellite, designed and built by INVAP for ARSAT (a company dependent on the Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services) “placed Argentina within the select group of countries with the capacity to develop their own satellites, which in turn opens up new job opportunities.”

Engineers Association of the Province of Buenos Aires
Diario 9 de Julio (Journal)