2 April

INVAP (an state-owned applied research company) together with other Argentine companies submitted national production scientific and technological projects at the eighteenth edition of the International Air and Space Fair 2014 (FIDAE, in Spanish) that was carried out from March 25 to 30 in Santiago de Chile. Apart from the companies, a delegation presided over by the Minister of Defense, Agustín Rossi, was present accompanied by the Secretary of Science, Technology and Production for the Defense, Santiago Rodríguez, the Secretary of International Affairs for the Defense, Roberto De Luise, the Joint Chief of Staff, Major General Luis María Carena, and the incumbents of the Argentine Air Force and the Operational Command of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Mario Callejo and Major General Ricardo Cundom, respectively.

The President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, presided over the inauguration ceremony of the Fair with the Minister of Defense, Jorge Burgos, and other four ministers of her Cabinet.

The exposition included more than fifteen Argentine projects related to a number of scientific and technological developments. The most outstanding projects were the Argentine Primary 3D long-range Radar, the Argentine Monopulse Secondary Radar and the Argentine Monopulse Secondary Transportable Radar, all of which were manufactured by the National Administration of Military Industries and INVAP. The advanced basic trainer IA-63 PAMPA aircraft –developed and manufactured by Fábrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA, in Spanish)– and the project of the first primary basic trainer aircraft, UNASUR I –carried out by the member countries of the Union of South American Nations– were also exhibited.

The most important commercial, civil and defense aviation manufacturers and the main providers of space technology, aircraft maintenance and airport equipment participated at FIDAE, which has been held in Chile every two years since 1980.

Ministry of Defense of the Argentine Republic