10 June

From May 19 to 25, during the May Week, several activities and celebrations were held to commemorate a new anniversary of the May Revolution. They were organized by the Presidency of Argentina together with different ministries.

Under the motto “The same Sun, the same Homeland”, several free of charge activities were carried out, including the inauguration of the Kirchner Cultural Center, shows and concerts performed by well-known artists, held in Plaza de Mayo, and tours outdoors related to the production activities and to fields such as science, social justice and human rights.

In this context, INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) participated in an exposition with initiatives related to industry, science and technology, which took place in a promenade called “Patria es Innovación” (Homeland is Innovation), located in Diagonal Norte Avenue, adjacent to Plaza de Mayo. INVAP displayed an Argentine Meteorological Radar, a scale model of the Argentine Primary Radar and part of an antenna of a digital terrestrial television broadcast station.

The aim of the event was to turn one of the most emblematic avenues of the City of Buenos Aires into an exhibition with the designs, projects and achievements of a country that looks into the future relying on its strong development based on talent and knowledge as fundamental values.