12 January 2012

Today, Mrs. Débora Giorgi, the Minister of Industry, held a meeting with representatives of CIPIBIC (Chamber of Industrial Members for Projects and Engineering of Capital Goods of Argentina), who announced the creation of a cluster of wind power generation companies. By 2020, this cluster is expected to create 10.000 jobs, with an annual domestic production of 1000 MW wind-power, which will make it possible to replace US$ 1,750 million in equipment and  US$ 500 million in fuel per year.


CIPIBIC members also emphasized that the cluster will allow the generation of a yearly installed capacity of 500MW (thus achieving the necessary scale to export another 500MW), and the development of 500 suppliers and 4 national wind generators manufacturers.

The Project is named “Argentine Wind Cluster” (“Cluster Eólico Argentino”) and already has 32 members in 8 associated provinces, among them, IMPSA, INVAP S.E. and NRG Patagonia S.A.  The initiative seeks to unite the work of all companies dedicated to wind power generation in order to strengthen the development of this kind of energy in the country, and to encourage the largest possible domestic participation in each Project.  CIPIBIC members based this Cluster on the conclusions of the Argentina Industrial Strategic Plan 2020.

Ministry of Industry

Cluster Eólico Argentino