20 November 2018

On November 13, a new edition of the 2018 Konex Prizes closing ceremony took place, in which INVAP was awarded two prizes, the Platinum Konex in the “Scientific and Technological Research Organizations” category, and the Diamond Konex, the highest recognition. The ceremony took place at the auditorium of the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263, Buenos Aires City. 

The President of INVAP’s Board of Directors, Lic. Héctor Otheguy, together with the General Deputy Managers, Engineer Marcelo Basigalup and Lic. Carlos Montenegro, were present to receive the awards. They were accompanied by Mr. Alberto Weretilneck, Governor of the Province of Río Negro, and Dr. Conrado Varotto, founding member of INVAP, when given the Diamond Konex Prize.  

Upon receiving the latter, Lic. Otheguy said this: “We are very happy and proud of winning such a highly regarded recognition, which we definitely receive on behalf of all members of INVAP that make the company possible thanks to their daily work, passion and professionalism (…) How is it possible for INVAP, a state-owned company, to compete on an equal footing with important technological companies of industrialized countries? It is clearly the result of a collective construction whose pillars have been our technicians and professionals, committed to the common goal to create a reference company in international projects worldwide and a protagonist of the national development; the presence of a visionary as Varotto, leader of the initial group; a fertile ground such as the Argentine National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish), which nurtured us during the early years; a fluid connection with the National System of Science and Technology and the participation of a hundred small and medium technological enterprises (PYMES, in Spanish); the permanent support of the national and provincial governments, through their legislative and executive branches, which included an intelligent policy of government procurement, as occurs in industrialized countries.”  It is important to point out that INVAP already won different Konex Prizes throughout its trajectory and that some of its members were also individually recognized with this award. 

After the Konex Prizes – Merit Diplomas were awarded in September, the Jury, made up of twenty members, met to choose the most outstanding personalities and organizations of the last decade (2008-2017).  Among those who had received the Platinum Konex Prize, the Grand Jury chose the most outstanding personalities/organizations of the decade in the institutional, community and business areas in Argentina to receive the Diamond Prize, the highest recognition granted by the Konex Foundation. The decision of the Jury was that the Diamond Prize should be shared by Luis Pagani and INVAP.

The Konex Foundation established the Konex Prizes in 1980 and annually rewards those who most brilliantly represent a selected activity of major importance to the wide cultural spectrum of our country.

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