6 May 2021

INVAP and Jampur International FZE from the United Arab Emirates have signed a contract for the provision of two mobile 3D primary radars for civil use; model RPA-200MC, to be deployed in Nigeria. The contract also includes the training of the personnel who will operate them.

The signature of the contract took place this March by Mohammad Shafiq, CEO of Jampur International FZE, and Dr. Vicente Campenni, General Manager of INVAP.

Jampur International FZE is responsible for the supply of airport equipment required by the Federal Ministry of Aviation of Nigeria to improve the country’s safety on civil aviation operations.

This radar model, in its mobile version for civilian use, is the most recent addition to the RPA radar family developed by the Argentine technology company. Its modular design, with transmitters distributed along the antenna, allows the radar to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with high availability, minimum preventive maintenance and low logistical and operating costs throughout its life cycle.

The radar can be operated remotely and integrated to air traffic management (ATM) and multi-sensor command and control systems; thus reducing the staffing required to operate it.

The systems make use of state of the art technologies, known as Software Defined Radars. In addition, it is equipped with solid state amplifiers with GaN technology and an active antenna with Digital Beam Forming.

This export of radars to a new market in Africa will allow INVAP to strengthen its position as a supplier of radar technology in the international scene. Moreover, represents a significant stride towards becoming a benchmark company in the critical mission, all-purpose system market.