29 March 2016

On March 22, INVAP signed a memorandum of agreement with Dow Argentina for the development of a wind park that will contribute to the diversification of the energetic matrix of our country by generating renewable sources.

The facility will be located at Cerro Policía, a sixteen square-kilometer area at around 50 km south of Villa El Chocón, in the Province of Río Negro, where INVAP has been conducting wind research for the last thirty years. In six months, after signing the agreement, the specific contributions of each party will be established, including the necessary technology transfer and the financing structure, as well as a contract on supplying power to Dow’s operations in Argentina.

The goal is to carry out the project in two stages. The first stage will involve an investment of approximately fifty million dollar, and will include the installation of five windmills (with 15 MW of power capacity), transformers and transmission equipment to connect the field with the Comahue electric distribution system. The second stage should reach 50 MW of power capacity (20 wind turbines) and will imply a total investment of 123 million dollars.

In this way, progress is made on the diversification of the Argentine energetic matrix through the development of cleaner energies, encouraging the collaborative work between local and multinational companies with the aim of promoting energy efficient technological initiatives.

Dow Argentina