19 October 2013

From October 17 to October 20, the Festival of the Capital is being carried out in Viedma to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the declaration of the city as the capital of the Province of Río Negro. The event takes place in a special exhibition ground provided with more than twenty large tents or marquees. The Ministries of the Province and its Town Councils participate together with the national Ministry of Social Development, the national Ministry of the Interior and Transport as well as some Río Negro companies such as INVAP (Applied Research Company).

During these four days, visitors will be able to tour the exhibition ground completely free of charge. There they will find handicrafts, eat typical dishes, attend to the projection of videos or to lectures and campaigns designed to raise the public awareness on several subjects, or enjoy games and technology displays such as the ones held by ALTEC and INVAP. The INADI (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism) has in its stand a documentation management center depending on the national Ministry of the Interior. Musicians from the Province of Río Negro and international artists will be performing at different moments of the event.

The Río Negro Province Lottery is going to deliver lectures and organize activities related to relevant social issues, such as “Responsible gambling”, sign language workshops, and others of special importance to the community. In one of the marquees paleontological samples are exhibited, and there is a stand of the Publishing Fund of the Province of Río Negro (FER, in Spanish). Other participants include the Río Negro Province Visual Arts Hall 2013, the Itinerant Movie Theater and the Street Theater. Likewise, talks about health, sports, sustainable tourism and road accidents will be given during the event. Some farm producers from Río Negro are going to be present at the agricultural marquee.


Government of the Province of Río Negro