22 December

Today, in Brasilia, an agreement was signed between INVAP and the High Technology Park Foundation for the Iperó region and its surroundings (PATRIA, in Portuguese) with the aim of entering a new stage in the project of the Brazilian Multipurpose Reactor (RMB, in Spanish).  

In the context of the 51st MERCOSUR Summit, the President of the Argentine Nation, Engineer Mauricio Macri; the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Dr. Michel Temer; the President of the Board of Directors of INVAP, Lic. Héctor Otheguy; the Executive Director of PATRIA foundation, Sergio Miranda; and José Perrotta, on behalf of the Brazilian National Commission of Nuclear Energy (CNEN, in Portuguese) formalized an agreement in which INVAP will provide the detailed engineering of the new research reactor that will be built in Iperó, an inland city in Sao Paulo State.  

This new building stage is in the context of a bilateral agreement on the development of two similar reactors, the RMB in Brazil and the RA-10 that is now being built in our country. The agreement seals the strategic association between Brazil and Argentina as regards the nuclear area. It is worth reminding that last year both countries commemorated the twenty fifth anniversary of the Argentine-Brazilian Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC, in Spanish and Portuguese).

The RMB will have important social advantages for the Brazilian community since it will guarantee the autonomous production of radioisotopes, increasing the use of nuclear medicine in the neighboring country.

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