5 October 2022

The sixty-sixth regular meeting of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held from 26 to 30 September at the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria, where high-ranking officials and representatives of 153 of the 175 member states analyzed a number of nuclear and radiation safety issues. In his opening speech, the General Director of the IAEA, the Argentine Rafael Mariano Grossi, emphasized that nuclear technological and physical safety in Ukraine are top priorities for the Agency.

The conference is a great contribution both for INVAP and for Argentina, to continue expanding our country’s export potential in the nuclear field, allowing in just one week to achieve bilateral meetings with different IAEA member states. In the context of these meetings, the company strengthens its relationships with countries that currently have contractual ties and creates new relationships with countries that are interested in becoming part of the nuclear world.

On this occasion, INVAP met with several member states such as Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Ghana, India, Jordan, Mongolia, Senegal, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Thailand and Turkey.

It is important to point out the great relationship with our neighboring country Brazil, where it is expected to continue with the RMB nuclear research reactor, the strong bond achieved with India after the excellent work carried out in the new radioisotope production plant, and with the strengthening of the brotherhood between INVAP and ANSTO due to the OPAL nuclear reactor.

The General Conference, consisting of representatives of the IAEA’s member states, holds a regular annual meeting, usually in September, to consider and approve IAEA’s budget and decide on other issues raised by the Board of Governors, the General Director and member states.


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