13 December 2013

On December 9, Dr. Leonardo Sobehart, member of the Nuclear Projects Area of INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company), participated as a jury member in the first National Contest of Monographs on the Peaceful Use of Nuclear Technology, organized by the University of Buenos Aires’ Engineering School (FIUBA, in Spanish) and the company Rusatom Overseas JSC.

Apart from Dr. Sobehart, the jury of the contest included Argentinian and Russian experts, such as members of the Argentine National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish), the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARN, in Spanish), Nucleoeléctrica Argentina S.A. (NA-SA, in Spanish) and Balseiro Institute, Mr. Leonid Bolshov, CEO of the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (IBRAE-RAN), Jukka Laaksonen, the Vice-president of Rusatom Overseas JSC, and other Russian scientists.

Students and graduates from Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Colombia took part in the event as well. In total, 36 academic papers were submitted for the contest, among which three were selected (a special trip to visit Rosatom’s facilities in Russia was awarded to the three winners); and there were eight special mentions.

In the context of the prize awarding, it also took place the visit of the safety and nuclear power expert, Professor Jukka Laaksonen, who is the current Vice-president of Rusatom Overseas and Vice-president of the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (INSAG) closely related to IAEA. He expounded about the “Evolution of the nuclear industry post-Fukushima”. His speech was broadcast simultaneously to Balseiro Institute and Atucha nuclear power plant, via videoconference.

Besides, there was an exhibition that illustrated the history of the nuclear energy and the Russian nuclear power production, provided institutional information about Rosatom and explained the relationship between Rosatom and Argentina as well as the new Russian technologies that ensure safe procedures.

University of Buenos Aires’ Engineering School
Russia Today (newspaper)