23 September 2015

On September 18, the facilities of the micro-melting plant –that will become operational in 60 days– were inaugurated on the Technological Park’s premises of the city of Cutral Co. Besides, the Town Council of Cutral Co, INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) and INVAP Ingeniería S.A. signed an agreement on the management and commercialization of the plant.

The inauguration ceremony was presided over by the Mayor of Cutral Co, Prof. Ramón Rioseco; the Deputy for the Province of Neuquén, Mr. José Rioseco; the Manager of Industrial Technology and Alternative Sources of Energy of INVAP, Engineer Hugo Brendstrup; the General Manager of INVAP Ingeniería S.A., Engineer Carlos Alfredo De Napoli; and the Administration and Finance Manager of INVAP, Lic. Carlos Montenegro.

The objective of the new plant is to manufacture medical prosthesis –such as hip and knee prosthesis–, spare parts for valves and different parts for the hydrocarbon and the automobile industry, and for power wind turbines and micro-turbines, among others. The covered area of the plant is of 1,200 m², and apart from the production areas, it will comprise offices, storehouse, laboratory, machine room, locker rooms, restrooms and sickroom.

With the aim of setting up the factory, INVAP Ingeniería S.A. restored, repaired and put into operation machines that belonged to the former company Pehuen Fund, which will enable the plant to operate smoothly and effectively. And, its production will contribute to the import substitution.

Town Council of Cutral Co