19 June 2015

From June 10 to 12, the “Art, Science, Technology and Productive Innovation” exhibition was held at the Frey Room of San Carlos de Bariloche Town Council, in the context of the XIII National Week of Science and Technology. The program is carried out by the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovative Production and coordinated by the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Development for the Province of Río Negro’s Production.

INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) participated together with the National University of Río Negro, Del Sur Technological School, the Software Libre (Free Software) Association, the Science Club “Reprogramados” and the group “Arte Concepto” (Concept Art). Also, there were other proposals, such as “Pelotedra I” and the “Free flashlights” of Agustín Pecchia, the “Reactive digital whipping top” of Carola Dreidemie, “A look at history” of Luis Bernachea and an explanatory presentation about the “ecosystem services” of the shrubs forests projected by Carolina Coulin, Matías Goldenberg and Lucas Garibaldi.

This new edition brought together a large number of attendees of all ages that were informed about the educational offer in San Carlos de Bariloche as regards its scientific and technological organizations.

The purpose of this yearly exhibition is to encourage the dialog between artists, researchers, technologists and the general public. It seeks in joint action to offer a contemporary visual bridge for the understanding and appropriation of the scientific and technological knowledge by means of different resources that involve the use of all the senses to be able to perceive it.

Government of the Province of Río Negro