26 September 2015

From September 23 to 26, the exposition entitled “Protecting the Industry” will be carried out in Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires. Organized by the Presidency of Argentina with the cooperation of the three branches of the Armed Forces and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Ministry of Defense and the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Production for the Defense with the companies and organizations related to the Industrial and Technological Poles for the Defense, the meeting is aimed at encouraging the joint participation of the Argentine defense industry in the national strategy for the defense as the key to the social and economic development of the country.

With the aim of showing their potential, products and services for the defense industry, INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) together with more than 120 Argentine companies, 20 foreign companies and 30 organizations will take part in the event, which involves the collaboration of thirteen chambers and associations of commerce.

Apart from the authorities and officials of the national government, the meeting will be attended by representatives from the national small and medium technological enterprises (PYMES, in Spanish) of the sector and from academic institutions related to the science and technology as well as military officers and security forces authorities, ambassadors, national and international military attachés, delegates from the Armed Forces in the countries that are members of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR, in Spanish), researchers and experts in the defense industry, and the press specialized in the field.

During the event, a permanent exhibition will be held. It will include companies, organizations, products, services, special display of new equipment and systems for the defense, and business rounds between national and international companies and organizations from the public and private sectors. Moreover, 103 of the most highly qualified panelists will deliver a series of lectures on the manufacture of radars in Argentina, the design and production of unmanned air vehicles in the context of the “Argentine Air Robotic System” (SARA, in Spanish), the mastery in dual-use strategic technologies recently achieved by our country, and other aspects that contribute to the defense of the national sovereignty and the economic development, among other issues.

Protecting the Industry