16 February 2024

On February 16, a shareholders’ Regular General Meeting was held at INVAP’s headquarters in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, where changes in the company’s governance took effect.

These changes are part of a planned process of organizational renewal, motivated by the evolution of the company’s business model and part of a broader process of evolution, which includes renewing methodologies and management styles, reinforcing the organizational structure and promoting generational change.

It is important to highlight the accompaniment and support throughout this process provided by the authorities of the Province of Río Negro and the National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish).

The Assembly was held in the presence of the Governor of the Province of Río Negro, Mr. Alberto Weretilneck; together with Dr. Adriana Serquis, President of the CNEA; Lic. Hugo Albani, President of INVAP’s Board of Directors; the directors Eng. Hugo Brendstrup, Dr. Verónica Garea; Dr. Alberto Baruch and Mr. Luis E. Billinger Mancioli, Director elected by the staff.

Besides, the Assembly was also attended by the permanent trustees Dr. Aurelia Schepis, Accountant Carlos Gardella and Accountant Christian Etchevaren. On behalf of the management, INVAP’s General Manager & CEO, Dr. Vicente Campenni, the Deputy General Managers, Eng. Marcelo Basigalup, Lic. Carlos Montenegro, Eng. Dario Giussi, Eng. Gabriel Absi, Eng. Ignacio Grossi and Eng. Sebastián Clasen were present.

As a result of the assembly, the management of the outgoing directors was also approved and they were praised for their positive professional and personal attitudes. Subsequently, the new Board of Directors was defined as follows:


Lic. Hugo Albani

Vice Chairman:

Dr. Vicente D. Campenni


Dr. Adriana C. Serquis

Eng. Juan Pablo Ordoñez

Dr. Federico Lutz

Dr. Alberto L. Baruj

Mr. Luis E. Billinguer Mancioli


The list of trustees and deputy directors remains unchanged.

Finally, at the Board of Directors meeting, the appointment of Mr. Darío Giussi as the new General Manager & CEO of INVAP was approved.