7 June

On June 6, an Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting took place at INVAP S.E.’s headquarters San Carlos de Bariloche, where a new Board of Directors was appointed.

Present at the meeting were Mr. Alberto Weretilneck, Governor of the Province of Río Negro, Dr. Adriana Serquis, President of the National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish), Lic. Hugo Albani, President of the Board of Directors of INVAP, Dr. Vicente Campenni, its Vice-President, and its Directors: Eng. Juan Pablo Ordoñez, Dr. Federico Lutz and Technician Téc. Luis E. Billinguer Mancioli. The General Manager & CEO of INVAP, Eng. Darío Giussi, was also present virtually, and the Deputy General Managers, Eng. Marcelo Basigalup, Eng. Gabriel Absi and Lic. Carlos Montenegro and the trustees Christian Etchevarne and Aurelia Schepis. Dr. Víctor Herrero attending the meeting in person.

Finally, the management of the outgoing directors was also approved and both were praised for their positive professional and personal attitudes. INVAP’s Board of Directors is in charge of defining the commercial lines, approving the investment plan, and evaluating the results of the General management’s performance.

The new Board of Directors is as follows:


Lic. Hugo Albani

Vice Chairman:

Dr. Vicente D. Campenni


Dr. Germán Guido Lavalle

Eng. Juan Pablo Ordoñez

Federico Lutz

Dr. Víctor Herrero

Technician Luis E. Billinguer Mancioli

Deputy Directors:

Lic. Bibiana R. Cruz

Lic. Eduardo F. Santos

Dr. Alberto Lamagna

Dr. Diego F. Hurtado Mendoza

Mrs. María Isabel Ballesteros

The list of members of the Supervisory Committee has not been modified.