15 December 2014

The Reference Center Bariloche, dependent on the National Ministry of Social Development, invites to attend the First Meeting on Social Responsibility and the Second Meeting on Relations between Businessmen and Entrepreneurs of the Social Economy Field. Its objective will be to share ideas collectively in order to develop inclusive strategies that favor the local development.

The meeting is organized together with the Patagonian Forum of the Corporate Social Responsibility (RSE, in Spanish), the Department of Economic Development Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche (MSCB, in Spanish), North/South Association, OSDE (medical insurance company), INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) and the National University of Río Negro (UNRN, in Spanish). It will be an important occasion to exchange experiences at local and national level, with the aim of encouraging the cooperation and coordination between different social actors as well as commercial alliances that promote the local purchase and the inclusion of familiar entrepreneurs in the value chain.

With respect to this, in August 2012, the National Ministry of Social Development signed an agreement with the National Ministry of Tourism and the Argentine Corporate Federation of Hotel and Gastronomy Industry (FEHGRA, in Spanish) to promote, encourage and support businessmen and entrepreneurs of the social economy field at national level.

Applying Social Responsibility criteria to local companies and organizations taking into account social and environmental aspects will not only result in a sustainable city and tourism, but also will allow to enhance the life quality of the society at large.


Meeting on RSE