13 January 2012

During the Ordinary General Assembly held this morning, members of the Board of Directors were appointed  either to assume or retain their seats, for a three-year period.

The Assembly was attended by Mr. Alberto Eduardo Weretilneck, Rio Negro’s Governor, Mr. Alejandro Palmieri, Río Negro’s Minister of Economy, current and outgoing members of the BOD and INVAP’s CEO.

Four of the seven members of the BOD are appointed by Government of the Río Negro Province, two by the National Agency of Atomic Commission (CNEA) and one is elected by the company personnel.

The Board of Directors defines the general company policies and procedures as well as its commercial orientation. It approves the investment plan and evaluates the performance and results of the Management..

INVAP sincerely thanks the work and service of Mr. Carlos Fernández, outgoing Chairman, and the outgoing Members Ricardo Jorge Conrado Spoturno, Walter Arneodo; Deputy Member Oscar Idoeta; Syndics Fernando Carbone, Luciano Stella and Deputy Syndics José Guillaumet and Gustavo Javier Brozetti Núñez.

The BOD is currently formed as follows:

Sr. Horacio Augusto Osuna

Deputy Chairman:
Ing. Arturo Carlos Ochoa

Lic. Norma Luisa Boero
Ing. Susana Gómez de Soler
Arq. Julio Juan Arrieta
Cdora. Maria Inés Etchepare
Sr. Alejandro Reybaud

Deputy Members:
Dr. Claudio Solari
Ing. Guillermo Padín Zabal
Ing. Juan Ignacio Apanasionek
Sr. Daniel Rogelio Arroyo
Ing. Néstor Masriera

C.P.N. Javier Augusto Vermeulen
Dra. Aurelia Patricia Schepis
Dr. Américo Alberto Antoniotti

Deputy Syndics:
Dr. Sebastián Arrondo
C.P.N. Natalia Marisa Vega Soto
Cdor. Fabián Becerra