28 April 2011

Argentine Minister of Defense, Mr. Arturo Puricelli, stated that “the National Government will guarantee the radarization of the country” in a speech on the policies developped to regain sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, issued yesterday night in the framework of an Academic Conference held at the University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF).

“During the first days of May, a contract will be signed between INVAP and the Air Force for the production of six 3D primary radars”, he announced. And he added: “These edge-technology strategic radars, with a 400 km range, will meet our most urgent requirements.” 3D Radars are defense instruments that provide range, elevation and azimuth information; they are designed and built by INVAP for the  General Directorate of Military Industries (Dirección General de Fabricaciones MIlitares), who owns the patent and manages the project under the orbit of the Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investments and Services.

Puricelli also mentioned the startup of eleven secondary radars made in Argentina, designed to control civil air traffic. “These are actual facts that show that, after 30 years of no radarization policies, the national government has made a plan and President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is well determined to carry it out”.

The Minister also emphasized that the radarization system is being developped in the frame of a series of policies that started back in 2003 in order to elaborate a “real plan of Defense for Argentina”. He reminded that  former President Nestor Kirchner regulated the Defense Act, passed decades ago.

“The contribution and strategic vision of former President Kirchner was fundamental. He understood that the best for our country and the region as a whole was to articulate and consolidate measures to strengthen Latinamerican bonds”.


+INFO: Ministry of Defense