23 September 2010

Sima Engineering Inc. acquired 20% of the shares of INVAP Engineering SA, INVAP group’s industrial branch. Thus, society has been formed between INVAP SE and Sima Engineering Inc. Through this partnership, both companies seek to achieve synergy in the businesses that each carries forward and considered complementary.


Sima Engineering is one of the most prestigious companies in the Río Negro Valley and Neuquén (Neuquén Basin). Its main activity is the construction, operation and maintenance services in the areas of Oil, Gas and Mining and has contracts and partnerships with major carriers and multinational oil and gas operating nationwide.

SIMA and INVAP are following the first steps taked by the country for high-power wind turbines. In this sense, wind energy is one of the main points of complementarity that is expected while confident that the genre of ENARSA tender for the establishment of a park in the area of Cerro Policía, near the El Chocón dam mark a point of no return in the development of renewable energy in Argentina.