1 August

The Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics (FaMAF) of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and the Faculty of Engineering of the Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico (IUA) started a Specialization Degree in Instrumentation and Radar Systems, on July 26.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by the Dean of the FaMAF, Francisco Tamarit, the Dean of the del the Faculty of Engineering of the IUA, José Cuozzo, Gustavo Cabrera, on behalf of INVAP and the Director of the Course, Giorgio Caranti. Present at the ceremony were also the new students, many of them holding scholarships to make studies in this strategic technology area.

The Specialization in Instrumentation and Radar Systems, intended to educate highly skilled human resources on the fundamentals and practical knowledge of radar technologies, allowing their creative use in multiple disciplines with highly developed concepts and instruments, is a unique academic offer in our country, and is performed with the sponsor of the following institutions:

  • National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology (ANPCYT) – Project FSTIC 06/10: CAPP-Ondas
  • Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investments and Services