3 October 2011

On September, 29th, the national news agency Télam signed an agreement with the company Ar-Sat for the interconnection and communication of all its correspondents’ office via satellite. The agreement will allow the transmission of audiovisual material via satellite from and to any part of the country.

AR-SAT CEO, Néstor Pablo Tognetti, explained that “the agreement emphasizes data carrying and storage, which will be possible from our National Data Center that will operate in Benavidez (Province of Buenos Aires).  This center will have more than 5000 square meters and is to be finished by mid-next year”.

He also explained that “Ar-Sat is a state-run society which greatest shareholder is the Federal Planning Ministry and is the responsible for the implementation of the open digital TV platform” driven by National Government, “besides of implementing and organizing the optical fiber network that will make us a supplier of broadband, which will guarantee the access to the network to the whole population”.

In this respect, INVAP participated from the very beginning in the implementation and deployment of the Terrestrial Digital Television National Platform.  INVAP signed a contract with AR-SAT, in January 2010, for the construction of 52 relay stations.

In turn, Telam’s Chairman Martin García said that “through AR-SAT we will have access to the satellite and decoders that TV broadcasters will need to download our signal”.