13 September 2016

On August 18, the Conference on Entrepreneurial Development —organized by the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (PYMES, in Spanish) of the National Ministry of Production, by Punto PyME dependent on the Undersecretary Office of Employment and PyMES of the Town Council of San Carlos de Bariloche, and by INVAP Foundation— took place at the Auditorium of INVAP’s headquarters in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche.

 The inauguration ceremony was attended by the National Director of Social Innovation of the National Ministry of Production, Lic. Ignacio Gregorini; the Secretary of Science and Technology of the Province of Río Negro, Engineer Hugo Josserme; the Mayor of San Carlos de Bariloche, Enginner Gustavo Genusso; the General Manager & CEO of INVAP, Lic. Héctor Otheguy; and the Director of INVAP Foundation, Dr. Verónica Garea.

The conference was aimed at “triple impact” enterprises, that is, enterprises that have an economic, environmental and social impact, to discuss about their importance since they have great potential to offer sustainable solutions. Thus, they require an appropriate legislation, flexible financing, incentives and the support of different organizations. Besides, the conference focused on the management tools and the new sources of finance provided by the office of Punto Pyme.

This event marked the beginning of the second cycle 2016, by which Punto Pyme in close collaboration with the National University of Río Negro offer their support to the entrepreneurs and Pymes of the region, giving them technical advice on the business management of their entrepreneurships or projects.

On this occasion, the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and PYMES of the National Ministry of Production also cooperated, inviting several actors of the entrepreneurial sector, such as universities and organizations, to a training course to work on basic aspects of the entrepreneurial activity.

Ministry of Production – Secretariat of Industry 
Punto Pyme