13 January 2014

On December 19, the Governor of the Province of Río Negro, Mr. Alberto Weretilneck, participated at the INVAP’s Special Meeting in which the establishment of the company Eólica Rionegrina S.A. was approved.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of INVAP and was attended by the President of the Argentine National Commission of Atomic Energy, Lic. Norma Boero, together with members of the Board of Directors and the Supervision Commission.

Eólica Rionegrina S.A. was established by INVAP and TRANSCOMAHUE S.A. in order to meet the growing energy demand, influenced by the rapid economic growth of Argentina over the last decade and the sharp decline in the availability of cheap fossil fuels that has altered the electric energy matrix production in the country.

The Province of Río Negro has a considerable wind energy potential in most of its territory. As this way of generating energy is cost-competitive, it will allow to start replacing, in a short time, fuels whose prices are rising. In order to produce wind energy in the province as soon as possible, a 16.5 MW pilot project to be installed at the Cerro Policía plateau has been developed, which will show the competitiveness and appeal of the wind energy concept in the region.


Government of the Province of Río Negro