11 August 2011

The National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC), an agency under the Ministry of Federal Planning, continues to implement the Radarization Plan of the Argentine airspace. This week, the startup of a Secondary Radar in the province of Corrientes introduced the final stage of the Argentine Monopulse Secondary Radars Project, which includes the installation of 22 next generation radars.

The project started with Presidential Decree 1407/2004, signed by Néstor Kirchner, which establishes the radarization of the Argentine airspace and entrusts the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Defense with the task.

Mr. Alejandro Granados, ANAC’s Chief Officer said that “the Radarization Plan’s goal is to guard the air space by means of a series of Argentine Monopulse secondary Radars (link web INVAP) (RSMA) developed by INVAP and the use of Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) Technology, for air traffic control, in order to optimize the use of the air space.”


ANAC – National Administration of Civil Aviation


MINPLAN – Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services,