3 December 2020

On December 2, the companies CICARÉ, MARINELLI and INVAP received the Gold Medal for the Industrial Design and good agricultural practices of the RUAS 160 unmanned helicopter, in the Robotics Applied to the Agroindustry area, corresponding to the seventh edition of the Ternium Expoagro Prize.

The contest organized by Ternium Expoagro in collaboration with the German Agricultural Society (DLG, in German) is aimed at boosting competitiveness of the Argentine agroindustry through the promotion of its innovation and continuous improvement processes, as well as its internationalization.

In its seventh edition, the greatest number of contestants were enrolled in the following categories: renewable energy, multifunctional products, robotics, tractors, sowing, vegetable protection, fertilization, fodder, irrigation, harvesting and post-harvesting.

The innovation seal winner will be chosen by a prestigious jury that includes 18 national and international experts from more than 15 public and private institutions of the agricultural sector, who are already evaluating the developments.

The awards ceremony will be held in the context of the 2021 Expoagro, where the RUAS 160 will be exhibited at the stand of the Ternium Expoagro Prize winners.

The RUAS 160 is a compact, affordable, and multi-mission Unmanned Aerial System with rotating wings, based on national developments.