19 December 2012

At the old Legislative Hall of Buenos Aires, located in the historical Manzana de las Luces, the Grupo Convergencia awarded the “2011/2012 Telecommunications Leader” Prizes to executive and officials related to the field.

Tulio Calderón, Engineer and Manger of INVAP Government and Aerospace Project Area, was awarded the prize due to his “conduction of the scientific tasks and the building of satellites developed by the company”.


The Jury was formed by last year prize-winners: Horacio Martínez, Chairman of the Datco Group (CEO), Ignacio Nores, Marketing Director of Personal; René Solanet, Marketing Director of Huawei; Ezequiel López Alcalá, SVA Manager of Personal; Alejandro Scannapieco, CFO of Globant; Eduardo Panciera, Technology and Engineering Chief of Cablevision; Pablo Fernández, ISP Responsible of Coopenet; Gabriel Mariotto, (former) Director of AFSCA; Carlos Bertol, Director of Institutional Relations of Telefónica; Tomás Escobar, founder of Cuevana;  Pablo Fontdevila, CEO of the Conectar Igualdad Program; Sergio Massa, Major of Tigre; Norma Barbieri, Press Manager of Movistar and Fernando Racca, Outgoing Chairman of the IT Services and Software Chamber of Companies (CESSI).