9 July 2012

TAEDA Foundation for the integration, development and equality inaugurated a series of conferences under the theme “Strategic value of natural resources”, focused on Nuclear Energy and related subjects.

Speakers at the meeting were Mrs. Maricruz Caruso, winner of a contest on the environmental impact of Nuclear Plants, and Mr. Rafael Grossi, Deputy Director General of the IAEA. On his part, Mr. Horacio Osuna, President of INVAP Board of Directors, acted as commentator, reflecting upon certain parts of both panelists’ speeches.

When presenting the first guidelines of her thesis on technological safety in the Nuclear Area, Maricruz Caruso stated that the environmental impact monitoring during operation of Nuclear Reactors in Argentina is adequate and that radiation protection levels for the population is within acceptable limits.

On his turn, Mr. Grossi – specially invited for the occasion – offered a status report of the international nuclear agenda. The Deputy Director General of the International Agency that watches over the cooperation between countries on this matter, spoke about the pacific use of science and nuclear technology, pointing out that Fukushima accident resulted in a “rearrangement of the charges in nuclear and energy policies” and that, in that sense, the IAEA has been trying to “strengthen the nuclear safety standards worldwide.”

In sum, Mr. Grossi stated that “nuclear activity – both currently and in the future – is essential for the development and safety of all peoples” and that “it is strategic for Argentina”. Simultaneously, he pointed out the importance of “maintaining the global cooperation and collaboration on the subject, promoted by the Agency.”

When Osuna commented on the speakers’ conferences, he remarked that public perception of nuclear risks is usually higher than the actual risk of accidents that effectively occur, and that Argentina is very advanced in the applying safety measures. Besides, he stated that “access to technology and knowledge will reach all countries – sooner or later”, such as it happened with the steel industry, symbol of industrial development some time ago. In this sense, INVAP Chairman emphasized the importance of the monitoring inspections carried out by the IAEA and the need to raise awareness in the international community of the importance of disarming as a way of reducing the risks.

Fundación TADEA