Read more ...On October 29 2019, the 44th shareholders’ Regular General Meeting took place at INVAP S.E.'s headquarters in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. 

Read more ...On June 14, the National Secretary of Health, Prof. Dr. Adolfo Rubinstein, together with representatives of health ministries of the MERCOSUR countries and associated states, meeting in the context of the MERCOSUR Ministers Summit that took place in San Carlos de Bariloche, visited INVAP’s headquarters.

Read more ...In its permanent pursuit of new markets and business opportunities, INVAP has been working to establish a strategic partnership with the company Turkish Aerospace. In this respect, a common goal is the development of a new satellite series to enter in a competitive way into the international market of low-weight and high-performance telecommunication satellites. 

Read more ...The Ministry of Interior, Public Works and Housing, led by Rogelio Frigerio, inaugurated the first National Meteorological Radar (RMN, in Spanish) in the city of Río Grande, Province of Tierra del Fuego. It covers a range of 240 kilometers and will allow to anticipate real time actions in the face of severe weather conditions.

Read more ...On April 23, the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) carried out on the antenna and pedestal of the new Argentine Monopulse Secondary Radar (RSMA, in Spanish,) developed by INVAP, were successfully completed. The RSMA will be located at the airport of the city of Paraná (ICAO Code: SAAP), in the third-month period of this year.

Read more ...On June 5, a contract was signed with the National Ministry of Transport and the Argentine Air Navigation Company (AESA, in Spanish) for the supply, installation and implementation of three new radars of the primary with associated secondary radar type, which will be located at the airports of Buenos Aires Terminal Area (TMA Baires, in Spanish), Córdoba and Mendoza. 

Read more ...On January 10, EANA S.E. (Argentine Air Navigation Company), dependent on the National Ministry of Transport, and INVAP signed a contract to provide and install a new secondary radar in the province of Entre Ríos, which will allow the identification and selective tracking of aircrafts by using new technology to pinpoint their position accurately even in hard to reach areas. 
The contract was signed by the President of EANA, Engineer Gabriel Giannotti, and INVAP's Deputy General Manager, Engineer Marcelo Basigalup, in Buenos Aires. 

Read more ...On September 4, INVAP signed a contract with Turkish Aerospace company to develop a new generation of telecommunication satellites “Small-Geo”, which will be carried out by GSATCOM Space Technologies, a strategic partnership between both companies created in May this year. 

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On December 3, Lic. Héctor Otheguy, President of the Board of Directors of INVAP S.E., was distinguished as one of "The 10 Argentinians of the Year." The award is given annually by Noticias magazine.