26 October 2012

Today, October 26th is the 30th anniversary of the startup of the RA-6 Reactor, located at the Centro Atómico Bariloche, National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA).

The RA-6 was one of INVAP’s first developments, and was a testimony of how the synergic action with CNEA resulted in the development of high value added exports: a window to the world that allowed the company to sell Research Reactors to Algeria, Egypt and Australia and to obtain several international contracts, through which INVAP became a known trademark in the nuclear world.

The RA-6 represented a great challenge for Young professionals, while it was also the opportunity to demonstrate their practical skills. Besides, the RA-6 is and was a fundamental piece for the training of national and international technicians, particularly from countries enrolling in nuclear technology with cooperation agreements on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

This anniversary finds INVAP at its best, developing new areas, creating jobs and contributing to the development of suppliers, as its Mission establishes, in a framework of a National Policy aimed at increasing the value of technological and scientific activities.

Wishing that other seed projects be as fruitful as RA-6 was, INVAP celebrates the reactor’s 30 anniversary and particularly honors our Nuclear Project Manager, Juan José Gil Gerbino, who was in charge of this Project.