19 October 2022

On October 19, Dr. Rafael Grossi, General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, accompanied by the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Lic. Santiago Cafiero, were welcome by the Governor of the Province of Río Negro, Lic. Arabela Carreras, at INVAP’s headquarters.

Accompanied by Dr. Adriana Serquis, President of the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), they were received at INVAP by Lic. Hugo Albani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Vicente Campenni, General Manager, among other authorities who accompanied the delegation.

In the context of the General Director of the world’s leading atomic agency first visit to Argentina, he toured the facilities of the Ezeiza Atomic Center, the RA-10 multipurpose reactor site, the Dan Benison Institute, the Argentine Proton Therapy Center and the Atucha Nuclear Complex.

Then, the delegation traveled to Bariloche to visit INVAP’s facilities, where they were briefed about INVAP’s most important achievements during its 45-year trajectory and about its development areas in fields such as nuclear, space, defense, security and environment, medical systems, and technological services.

As regards the visit, Dr. Grossi pointed out: “Today, as General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, I am here because INVAP is a key actor on the international nuclear scene. Therefore, in addition to the satisfaction of being in a place where I was when I was very young, there is also the need as General Director to be in an indispensable place in the international atomic energy metabolism for peaceful purposes.”

After the tour to INVAP, they visited the Bariloche Atomic Center, INTECNUS Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center and Balseiro Institute, where the tour ended.