9 March

CEO of INVAP, Mr. Héctor Otheguy, said he is very proud of the National Government initiative to promote domestic wind industry in Arauco Wind Farm (La Rioja Province). Otheguy, who led the visit of company executives to park facilities, highlighted the proposed initiative with state capitals: “As a final conclusion I must say that I am very proud as an Argentine to be in a place where there are both the Provincial and National Government initiatives carry out this park, showing that wind power and alternative energy can work in conjunction through the Ministry of Federal Planning, foster this type of energy”.

Also, he noted that “for us as a company of Argentina which has been in business for four decades, this has an special significance,” adding that “INVAP is a state own society of the province of Rio Negro. Naturally, we come to see the experience and learn the successful experience that is the Province of La Rioja through the government initiative to install this park”.