10 June

Today, as of 10:30 AM, INVAP employees gathered at the different offices to share the launching of SAC-D/Aquarius satellite, broadcast live by NASA TV. Through this media and thanks to the permanent contact with INVAP professionals in the USA, the success of the mission was confirmed for each one of its stages.

The main event took place at the company’s headquarters in Bariloche, where SAC-D/Aquarius was designed, built and integrated. There were several emotional moments throughout the day, as the mission successfully accomplished each of the phases. According to the National Commission of Space Activities (CONAE), today at 6:25 PM (Argentine Time), the satellite will make contact with the Teófilo Tabanera Space Center at Falda del Carmen, Córdoba.

Audio files

  • Interview: Dr. Carlos Fernández, Chairman of the Board, INVAP.
  • Interview: Ing. Tulio Calderón, Aerospace and Government Projects Manager and Ing. Marcelo Basigalup, Aerospace and Government Projects Deputy Manager.

Part 1 

Part 2