17 August 2016

On July 28, the National Ministry of Education and Sports, the Ministry of Education and Human Rights of the Province of Río Negro and INVAP S.E. (an Argentine state-owned applied research company) signed a cooperation agreement in the city of Cipolletti, with the aim of laying down the necessary institutional conditions to encourage the mutual assistance and relation among several areas such as training courses, technology transfer, updating and any activity that may require the coordinated and joint work of the ministries and INVAP.

Present at the meeting were the Executive Director of the National Institute of Technological Education dependent on the National Ministry of Education and Sports, Lic. Gabriel Sánchez Zinny; the Minister of Education and Human Rights of the Province of Río Negro, Lic. Mónica Silva; the President of ALTEC S.E., Industrial Designer Daniel Sanguinetti; and the President of INVAP S.E., Mr. Horacio Osuna.

In the context of this agreement, INVAP committed itself to broaden the professional practical experience of students taking technical academic courses and to cooperate in the design of a joint work program that allows the implementation of training and update courses in those disciplines in which it is developing technological projects.

Furthermore, the company will prepare a schedule of tours and activities to be carried out at its facilities, aimed at students and teachers of professional and technical educational institutions that require them because of specific joint projects. INVAP will also design and implement actions to foster the access to updated technological information in the context of the projects being now carried out, and will facilitate the relation and interchange among technical educational institutions working in the whole Argentine territory and the members of the National Scientific and Technological System.