21 September 2011

This morning a new hydrokinetic turbine was installed at the water treatment plant in Allen, province of Rio Negro.  The turbine was built as part of an agreement signed between Aguas Rionegrinas S.A. (ARSA) and INVAP Ingeniería S.A. (IISA). The agreement included a feasibility study and the design of a hydrokinetic turbine that includes a channel to accelerate the water stream in order to obtain the speed rate necessary for power generation.

Mr. Jorge Isaac, ARSA’s General Manager of ARSA, Mr. Juan Castro of INVAP and the Secretary of Public Companies, Mr. Gabriel Savini, among other provincial officers and professionals from both companies, were present at the turbine startup. During the ceremony, Isaac remarked the happiness and proud of all the actors involved in this achievement”.

Besides, he pointed out that “this goal was achieved thanks to INVAP’s contribution in developing the necessary technology and ARSA’s continuous efforts to improve its services.”   Aguas Rionegrinas S.A. Manager also explained that the turbine will remain installed at Allen’s water treatment plant, where it will undergo monitoring and functional testing, in order to control its proper operation and to verify the possibility of constructing similar turbines in the future”.


Secretaría de Comunicación del Gobierno de la Provincia de Río Negro