6 June

INVAP INGENIERÍA S.A —an Argentine state-owned company devoted to the design and building of complex technological systems and to the provision of services for the industry— and AESA —a company specialized in engineering, building and services for the energy market— will work together to develop technological solutions for the oil and renewable energy industries.

The agreement, signed by Mr. Hugo Brendstrup, President of INVAP Ingeniería, and Mr. Adrian Mascheroni, General Manager of AESA, sets forth the basic terms for their collaboration as regards gas and oil exploitation and conventional and renewable electricity production systems. With respect to renewable energy, it contemplates studies aimed at the manufacture of a low-power wind turbine and its spare parts, which will belong to INVAP Ingeniería, to be located wherever AESA requires it. The agreement also involves the joint exploration of new developments, and the commercialization, building, operation or maintenance of other energy production equipment based on INVAP technology. As regards the hydrocarbon industry and the new technologies, the agreement proposes to boost joint initiatives focused on structural integrity services, plant and process engineering, construction work and development of special equipment. 

The conference was held at INVAP’s headquarters in San Carlos de Bariloche and included meetings attended by the following authorities: on behalf of INVAP, Mr. Vicente Campenni, General Manager; Mr. Darío Giussi, Project Manager; Ms. María Micaela Rodrigo, Project Deputy Manager; Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez Lubary, International Relations Manager; and Mr. Ricardo De Dicco, from the Argentine Metal Industry Association (ADMIRA, in Spanish); and on behalf of AESA, Mr. Gustavo Mas, Commercial Manager; Mr. Alejandro Wirz, Manufacturing Manager; and Mr. Héctor Seguel, Head of Business Development. The closing of the event was a tour to INVAP’s facilities, where guests were briefed about the achievements and developments of the Argentine company related mainly to the following areas: nuclear; space; government and defense technical affairs; industrial technologies and alternative sources of energy; information and communication technology; and technological services. INVAP has designed and manufactured research and production reactors in different countries, low orbit satellites for earth observation, communication satellites, several industrial plants, radar systems, and radiotherapy centers, among other developments. 

After signing the agreement, Adrian Mascheroni assured that “shortly after launching our strategic plan, which indicates AESA’s future steps, the signing of this agreement symbolizes the conviction with which we are working to achieve the established goals.” He added that “this collaboration with a company that has national and international experience in the development of applied technology, such as INVAP, will allow us to increase our innovation capacity.” In his turn, Hugo Brendstrup, speaking for INVAP, concluded: “We are proud of this agreement with a renowned Argentine company such as AESA, and we are convinced that joining forces and capabilities to develop our projects is a great opportunity to continue growing.”