3 November 2015

From October 28 to 30, a new edition of the Professional Equipment and Services for Radio, Television, Cable TV, Cinema, Satellite, Lightning and Audio Exhibition was held in the city of Buenos Aires. It was organized by the Argentine Association of Suppliers and Manufacturers of Broadcasting Equipment (CAPER, in Spanish).

Each year, the internationally recognized event brings together more than 6,000 managers, professionals, technicians and students related to this field. On this occasion, INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) took part for the first time. In its stand there was a brochure with the activities and national developments carried out during the implementation of the Argentine System of Digital Terrestrial Television (SATVD-T). The company also included a shelter with up-to-date broadcasting equipment aimed at adding channels to the SATVD-T.

In August 2009, Argentina adopted the Japanese-Brazilian standard —ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting)— to develop the SATVD-T in the Argentine territory. In 2010, the company ARSAT dependent on the National Department of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (MINPLAN, in Spanish) hired INVAP’s services to build 79 relay stations with a different number of transmitters (a maximum of 8 transmitters in each station) during the implementation process of the National Platform of Digital Terrestrial Television.

The Open Digital Television (TDA, in Spanish) —part of a digital integration policy enforced by the MINPLAN— is a TV platform that uses state-of-the-art digital technology to broadcast high quality images and sound completely free of charge. This also works as how viagra works. It will also offer other additional interactive services. The system of Digital Television for Everyone (TDT, in Spanish) allows digital antennas to transmit digital signal to the receiver equipment so that this device turns the signal into images and sounds that can be displayed and listened to with any kind of screens.

During these four years in which TDA has been developed, INVAP contributed to provide and build the SATVD-T as well as to encourage and train Argentine suppliers of products related to TV studios, broadcasters, antennas and monitoring. Thus, the whole process was completed —from generating the signals to their reception— offering full competitive service.

CAPER 2015