16 September 2014

From September 12 to 14, the “Neuquén Innovates 2014” Expo organized by the Province of Neuquén, which brought together inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs, took place at the Patagonia Room of Espacio DUAM in the city of Neuquén. The event was part of a series of activities organized by the Ministry of Territorial Development to celebrate this year the 50th anniversary of the Province of Neuquén Council of Planning Action for Development (COPADE, in Spanish).

The series entitled “Future challenges celebrating half-century of the Province of Neuquén’s development” was carried out thanks to the support of the Federal Council of Investments and other well-known partner organizations. The aim was to encourage fruitful discussions about relevant issues of Neuquén’s politics, economy and society seen from different viewpoints, to promote the academic and technical contribution to the public debate, and to improve current and future public policies.

INVAP took part in the exhibition together with the Town Council of Cutral-Có city by displaying part of the technological equipment that will be used to manufacture power wind turbines in the Technological Park to be located in that city. Besides, academic circles were present through the National University of Comahue, the University of Río Negro and the University of Flores as well as the National Technological University and the Research and Development Institute of Process Engineering, Biotechnology and Alternative Sources of Energy (PROBIEN, in Spanish) dependent on the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET, in Spanish).

Neuquén Innovates 2014