15 July 2011

Yesterday, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner officially inaugurated Tecnopolis, a science, technology and art mega exhibition organized by the Bicentennary Unit, that will cover 200 years of scientific and technological development in Argentina.

Cristina headed the inaugural ceremony of Tecnópolis, on a 50 hectare field, previously occupied by an Army unit. “This exhibit is an appeal to the future of all Argentines, an invitation to think about our country in a different way, aware that the commitment to its people and its history is the only tool that shall enable us to move forward in the construction of its future”, Cristina remarked.

During the opening speech, the President said that “Tecnopolis is an appeal to the future of all Argentines, while she stressed that “science, technology and knowledge shall provide the needed added value to continue the qualitative and quantitative leap forward that Argentina is carrying out now.”

Located on a 50 hectare field in Villa Martelli, the exhibition will last for 5 weeks, and will end with the introduction of the Tecnópolis Theme Park, a permanent exhibit.

Tecnópolis is organized into five continents or areas: water, land, air, fire and imagination.  There are multiple attractions: battle tanks, historic aircrafts, flight simulators, the Tronador II rocket, developed by the National Air Space Agency (CONAE), the Phoenix capsule that was used last October to rescue 33 Chilean miners, an electronic aquarium and even an Antarctic simulator which reaches a temperature of -7° C.

The visitors will be able to interact with touch screens, 3D and 4D games and 3D videosculptures recreating fantastic creatures from the Argentine and Latinamerican mithology; to assist to a 3D theater with nanocharacters; to watch the history of communications on a 360° screen; to participate in art events and shows and to go round the Memory Park, the Sounds Park and a robotic show center, among other activities.



Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva

Acto de inauguración: Palabras de la Presidenta de la Nación