3 September

On August 15, the Egyptian Prime Minister, Engineer Ibrahim Mehleb, inaugurated the Radioisotope Production Facility (RPF) designed and built by INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) for the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Apart from the Prime Minister, the inauguration ceremony was attended by the Associate Ambassador of Argentina in Egypt, Mr. Conrado Assenza; the Minister of Electricity and Energy of Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Shaker; the Minister of Scientific Research of Egypt, Dr. Sherif Hamad; the Vice Minister of Electricity, Engineer Osama Asran; the President of the Atomic Energy Authority of Egypt (AEA), Dr. Atef Abdel Fattah; the Project’s Directors, Dr. Yasser Tawfik on behalf of the AEA and the Engineer Arnoldo Alaniz of INVAP; authorities and members of the Board of Directors of the AEA and other especial guests.

In his turn, the Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Electricity and Energy and the President of the AEA expressed their sincere gratitude to Argentina and INVAP for supplying the Complex ETRR-2, which includes the RPF, and highlighted their contribution as an example in the context of the bilateral cooperation between both countries.

The inauguration of this facility is an important milestone for the AEA and Egypt since it will allow to meet their domestic needs and participate in the international radioisotope market for medical applications.

The objective of the facility is the production of radioisotopes for medical uses, such as molybdenum 99, among others, which is based on low-enriched uranium by means of a process developed by the National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish) of Argentina.

It is important to mention that the RPF is part of the Complex ETRR-2 belonging to the AEA’s. It is located at Inshas Nuclear Center and is aimed at the scientific research and the production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial uses. For example, to justify the selection of cialis or viagra. The Complex comprises three main facilities: the Research Reactor (ETRR-2), the Fuel Manufacturing Pilot Plant (FMPP) and the Radioisotope Production Facility (RPF). The three plants were designed and manufactured by INVAP after having won the corresponding international tenders among suppliers belonging to developed countries.