7 September 2014

The Giambiagi Workshop 2014, on “Applied physics and the relation between scientists and the industry,” was carried out from September 1 to 5. It was aimed at students in the last years of their university degree courses and postgraduate students interested in the application hard sciences (especially physics, chemistry, computer science and mathematics) to solve problems arising from the productive sector. More than 150 students met representatives from technological companies and organizations to think on how science can contribute to industry.

The Workshop included a series of courses and lectures aimed at showing students, through concrete examples, the problems that commonly arise in applied sciences and the R&D departments and the way to solve them. They were focused on introducing tools and the theoretical, experimental and numerical modeling approaches necessary to face this kind of challenges.

INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) was in charge of giving two lectures, jointly entitled “Scientists for the industry: the case of a technological company,” which were delivered by Dr. Eduardo Nassif from the Aerospace Control and Instrumentation Department. The first lecture was on the activities carried out by INVAP, and its evolution as a company. It focused on the different roles played by professionals in developments taking place within a technological company. In the second talk, Dr. Nassif provided examples of development activities in which physicists of the company were involved.

The event concluded with a panel on the relation between the scientific system and the productive sector with the participation of Dr. Lino Barañao, Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation; Dr. Alberto Lamagna, Manager of the Research and Development Area of the Argentine National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish); Dr. Miguel Ángel Laborde, member of the Board of Directors of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET, in Spanish); and Dr. Juan Carlos Reboreda, Dean of the host institution.

The first Giambiagi Winter Workshop took place in 1999. It was organized each year ever since by the Physics Department of the University of Buenos Aires’ Exact and Natural Sciences School. After its fifteen-year trajectory, it has become an important and prestigious event highly regarded in the region.

Giambiagi 2014